Natural and distilled
Acids, Glycerin, Olein
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Fatty acids of Palm oil

The Palm oils contain such acids: Lauric acid, Myristic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Oleic acid, Linoleic acid, etc.

The production and supply of fatty acids are carried out according to the set requirements of the customer in accordance with the standards.

Fatty acids of seed oil

The seed oils contain such acids: Lauric group, Erucic group, Palmitic acid group, Oleic group, Oleic-linoleic group, Linoleic group, etc.


Is a part of almost all animal and seed fats. It has colorless viscous liquid with a sweet taste, the melting point of Glycerin is -17,9°С, the boiling point is – 290°С.

It may be dissolved in water and organic solvents.

The existing standard applies to the distilled glycerin and sets general technical conditions on the production, sale and usage distilled glycerin from natural fats.

The distilled glycerin,depending on the destination, is produced in various brands and can be used for the food and cosmetic industries and agriculture, for the softening textile, leather, paper, as a lubricant component, antifreeze, for the paint and textile production, the tobacco industry.

Oleic acid. Olein.

The Oleic acid and its esters are used for the production of the paintwork materials, as a softener. It is used in producing oleic and its salts are widely used as aemulsifier, in particular, in the lubricate-cooling liquids in the process of cutting-honing metals, smooth running, deployment, etc. Also it is used as a stabilizer of the magnetic fluids based on the hydrocarbon carrier of the ferromagnetic particles.

It can be used in the production of the making oily means (for chemical fibers), flotation agents, synthetic rubber, defoaming agent, wetting agent for dyeing disperse dyes, softeners. It is included in the composition of the cosmetic products. It is a part of Oleina.