Natural and distilled
Acids, Glycerin, Olein
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Our advantages

Fast delivery in any point of the world. Transport companies or railway transport.
Own production provides a possibility of development of unique product features.
The best standards. The certified products. Modern environmental standards.

Field of activity

The primary activity is production of fatty acids of seed oil.

The basic sale is from the storage area by loading in the vehicles.

The competitive price provides the constant demand for the goods..

Due to the fact that the first steps on the market of the raw fat we started doing back in the year 1999, as of day, our company has proved itself as a serious, reliable and responsible partner for many producers and consumers of raw materials, both in the Russian market and countries of the FS and beyond.The factors of the functioning of the client’s business are: the pricing and the efficiency.

We are chosen

  • We have been working for 22 years
  • A flexible approach to the client
  • The constant demand
  • The development and growth of the quality
  • Responsibility
  • The best price

We also buy

  • Soap stock
  • Fuzz oil sludge
  • Perlite


Once again, the company TRILOGIA LLC has proved the quality of its products in the European market. Passed an audit of SGS. Extended ISCC certificate.
international certificate
international certificate
international certificate

The range of usage of fatty acids is very biodiesel production, soapmaking, production of lubricants, cutting fluid, production of reagents for drilling, metal corrosion inhibitors, in the leather industry, in the production of polyester varnishes, bitumen, for the preparation of oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid for technical purposes, and are also used in the compound feed industry.

Fatty acids of vegetable oils without palm oil additives, soy, without additives of harmful quality has the international certificate ISCC. LLC “Trilogiya” the only enterprise in Russia that holds an international certificate ISCC as a producer of fatty acids of vegetable oils.

All offered products pass strict quality control.